Pinhole Camera By: Alexis Miller

After looking through this blog you should probably understand the module based structure of our class. If not here is the quick rundown. Our PLTW class is an online module based class. This means we are given instructions and assignments and we are responsible for finishing the assignment mostly by ourselves (with our groups) by the assigned deadline. We are allowed to choose the modules we complete but by the end they will all need to be done. Now that I feel like you understand what I mean by a “module” I will carry on with todays blog post topic.

I would like to talk about the module I am currently working on. I am building a pinhole camera. A pinhole camera is a non-electronic camera made out of basic household materials that will produce simple pictures. I was simply fascinated with the idea that I would making a camera without wires. As I began research I became even more excited and was soon ready to build.

The camera would need:


-Cylindrical vessel

-exacto  knife

-electrical tape

-push pin



-Film paper


After collecting the materials we set to work. We decided to make our own can so we took a label roll and taped cardboard circles to the ends. After that we had to leave one side open and pain the inside black to eliminate light leaks. We then drilled a hole in the side of our cylinder and covered it with a piece of foil that had a smaller hole poked into it. After this was complete we were ready to load our camera. We had to work in a dark room  when loading the file to to it’s light sensitive qualities. After loading the film and sealing or camera light tight we were ready to take some photos.

Our photos had repeatedly failed but we did not give up we tried to problem shoot and correct our design. We found several flaws such as light leaks and ripped foil but we fixed them and tested again. This is a prime example of trial and error that worked to our benefit. Our picture did not turn out as well as other groups but it improved over the course of the project.

If I learned one thing from this module It is the importance of trial and error. I also learned how to make a pinhole camera which I will most definitely be doing again!

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