Here at Ann Richards we learn to work in groups and work with each other. not all the time does everyone in a group get along, many of the times we don’t. I say we because of personal experience. Now PLTW is a class where you’re expected to work with each and listen to each others ideas and work well together, etc. Teamwork is a skill everyone should have because it comes in extremely helpful, especially when you’re put in a group with people who you don’t normally work with.

What is teamwork? From what i learned it is a skill that you learn through experience. If you have the skill it means you’re able to work with people who don’t work like you but in the end you all are able to make the best end product possible. When working in a team there are a few rules you need to follow:

1. Listening to each others ideas

When you’re in a group I personally think this is the most important rule that you need to follow. Remember, this is your group and whether you like it or not your grade depends on how you work together and what the outcome is. 

2. Contributing to the group

When you’re in a group its also very important that you contribute, because it’s not fair to the other people and you might anger them. Plus its a GROUP project so making sure that everyone adds something is highly important

3. Sometimes taking the leadership role

In a group sometimes you might be the one who’s most qualified to lead the group. And by that I mean that you may understand what is excepted or maybe you are particularly good and have the certain skill that whatever task requires. For this ‘rule’ you cant be scared to do this and say that maybe you could help out and lead, which brings me to the next point.

4. Speaking up

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Now I’m not one who will always voice their opinion but if I look back i will see that it was probably something I should’ve done because it could’ve helped my group a lot.

In PLTW a big thing I’ve learned is that you cannot do good with our everyone using their teamwork skills. You may fight and argue a little bit but in the end you will be satisfied with your end product. I myself have not mastered this skill yet, I’m kinda far from it but with the guidance of this class I hope to finally grasp it.

Bryana Sanchez 01

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