Starting Over Doesn’t Mean Death by Patty A.


Hello! So for this blog post I am going to talk about starting over and how honestly, it’s always better than to work off of whatever is your problem.

Recently, my group and I worked on a module under the Engineering pathway and our task was to complete a bridge out of toothpicks. Toothpicks. When we first heard of it, my group and I automatically assumed/said “Oh! Doesn’t seem that bad” but as we started, we soon realized  that we were only allowed to use Elmers glue, it couldn’t be longer than 18 inches and no more than 40 grams. Thats when it really hit us.

We started off with completing our design brief, design matrix and technical drawings. When we reached our final idea, we started building. We knew about the measurements, but we didn’t know about the glue. We started putting together some toothpicks for the barrel but we soon found out that we were only allowed to use Elmers glue. We had already glued parts of the barrel with hot glue and we kinda all just gave each other “the look.”

We started over using Elmers glue. It didn’t take much time for us to realize that it was going to take longer than what we thought. Once we completed the first part of the bridge, we decided to weigh it. It was over 40 grams. One of my partners and I thought it was whatever and we should just continue with it. After all, we did put a lot of effort into it. Our other partner disagreed. She thought it was not a good idea to continue with it because we would get points off. We all had a small argument, but eventually, we all decided that starting over would be the best choice.

As we started brainstorming other ideas for our bridge, we did face a lot of challenges. What ever design we agreed on, we had to make it under 40 grams, which is challenging especially if you want your bridge to support a lot of weight and for it to be sturdy and strong. We came up with a few ideas and we all agreed on just making a long stick. This time we were very precocious on the amount of toothpicks we used and the weight. Eventually, our final product was 39 grams. When we tested it, it holded all the weights plus a different box (5 g) (total of 3,260 g) and we were really amazed. We believed it would hold some weight, but not all or more.

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As we looked back and reflected, we all agreed that starting over was the BEST option. Our first product did have some issues and we took those issues, learned from them and eventually developed a better idea than our first. It was a hard thing to do, but we have to do it a lot. We all get so attached to our first idea, or start something and find a problem, but don’t want to start over because we have put so much effort into it, but it’s part of life. Like everyone says, the first choice isn’t always the best.

We have all been put in this situation, in which we just don’t want to start over because of all the work we did, or simply because we are just lazy. But honestly, if a scientist who was developing a medicine some how put a wrong chemical in his medicine and he didn’t want to start over, so he thought about adding a different chemical that would overrule the other one, but then he thought about all the people it could affect, so he starts over. As he starts over, he realizes that he was using many dangerous chemicals, learns from them and tries something completely different, which ends up being a great success! He did have an option to start over and he took it and every time you are faced with a challenge and you have the option to start over, do it! Your second chance is almost always better than your first! Yeah, you will drop what you have been working on for blank number of days, but you learn from your mistakes and improve! Plus, what’s better, turning in something that you yourself know you could have done better, or turn in something that took you longer, but you put more effort? Exactly.


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