What is a pinhole camera ?

A pinhole camera is a simple camera but without lens, it captures any object you want by you placing it in front of the sunlight for about 20 seconds, just make sure you place it in a the ground or somewhere where it won’t move.This camera was invented around the 1000 and it has been around since then but its not use in our generation because technology is advanced know.

To create this camera you will need some material which will be a box,black paper,aluminum,tape.You will have to cover the camera in black paper to make sure no light is going in, you will cut about a 2 inch square in front of the box and you will put aluminum and pin a tiny hole put black paper on top of that so light will not come in and ruin your picture.Then you will have to go into a black room and place the special paper(projector sheet) glossy side up inside the box,before you leave the room make sure no light is going into the box and then you can go outside and test your box.

While testing your box make sure not to let too much sun light enter the box just leave it for about 20 second, then bring your black flap down to cover your hole in the aluminum.Then you will return to your black room and open it and stick your picture is some special kind of liquid but make sure it does not make contact with the light.

Pinhole cameras are actually really interesting they can capture an object just like our phone cameras but pinhole cameras are unique because it’s a longer process but it’s interesting to see how cameras have changed so much,thanks to technology.

Karla Jaramillo

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