With my group members, Kayla, Izzy, and Bonnie, I did the mechanical systems module, s in engineering. I wanted to do mechanical systems because I love taking things apart and putting them back together again so I thought this would be the perfect module for me.


For challenge one I was assigned to assemble the Rack and Pinion mechanical system. For me the first class was basically looking around in all the drawers and finding whatever bits and pieces that we needed to use. I also helped Izzy with her challenge one because it was one of the hardest ones to make. The next class I completed my Rack and Pinion it was fairly easy once I have all the pieces for it. Some real life examples of a Rack and Pinion is that they are used in cars steering systems. When that was done I posted the picture of my Rack and Pinion and then I helped my other group members.


For challenge two, we were challenged to design a mechanical system that would make cooking easier. My group decided to do the mechanism that involves roasting a shish kebab over a fire, I called it the Roaster. We made many mistakes, first off, we forgot we had to include two different combinations of gears. We had to take the Roaster all apart then two gears to mesh correctly so we had to fiddle with that for a while. After that we put some gears in the wrong place, we had to undo those. Last but not least the Roaster also fell apart on us because we didn’t have a bolt put in correctly.The Roaster’s input came from the crank and The output was on the two gears that turned the skewers. We were very proud with the end product because it actually worked and turned all three skewers. That was the module I did with this group.

By: Zoë Magee


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