Computers and Mini Robotics

This week I explored a new form of engineering. This module was completed at the hands of a computer. The was very different from the rest of the modules that I have done in the past. For the past couple of weeks I have been  getting to know our handy saws and creating with my hands.
This time, I decided to shake things up a bit. I was refreshed on how to draw isometric and orthographic sketches. Then, I use a program that I 1st learned about last year called Inventor to make a digital 3D object. Inventor is really simple once you get used to it and a useful program. Inventor allows you to see the object in all views with easy accessibility to make changes without having to recreate all over again.


I also got to play around with our classes new 3D printer. This is a cool device that can make almost anything. Mrs. Sauter found this website where you can download other people’s creations and print them out,. Click the link below to check it out. I never really thought about how a 3D printer actually works, I know the object didn’t just magically appear but I didn’t really think any further. I watched my blue elephant print, layer by layer it came to be an elephant that could sit,  stand, and and. you could even make it look like it was running.


There are so many types of engineers it just so happens the first two modules that I did were under the category construction. The Computer Automated Drafting  module was an example of computer engineers. The module that I just started is computer science this module has to do with robotics. We are using littleBits, they are the coolest toy you could ever play with. These tiny block use magnets and electricity to create light, sound, and motion. I never realized how much you could learn from a simple toy like that.

Savannah C.

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