Mechanical Systems Fun!

For my last module, I did Mechanical Systems. For this module we got gears and connected them in a way that made them move. For our final project we had to build something that could beat an egg, slice a piece of food into different pieces, or turn three different skewers over a flame at the same time. Me and my group decided to make something that could beat an egg. For this module we used two big gears together to then steer one pole at the top and that would cause both gears to move and steer the bottom witch had smaller gears that would beat an egg. During the process of coming up with this module we also got time to experiment with different gears, and got to look at actual little toys with small gears that made them move too. Besides from the final project we got to make a different gear that depended on the first letter of your last name in alphabetical order. I would really recommend this module to you because it is one of my favorite yet. so have fun!

Gisel Perez

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