The Makerspace

The MakerSpace

Bryana Sanchez

This is the "Cleanrom" where all of our computers are and where all the computer work is done

The Cleanroom

One of the biggest news at Ann Richards and Newest additions to the school is the Makerspace. This is 2 parts combined to make a classroom and workspace. The 2 parts are a place where we do most of our building and where we work ifyou’re experimenting withe the Engineering pathway especially.  The other room is were all of our computers are and where you will spend most of your time editing pictures or videos for the Media Tech pathway or writing a blog like this one.

This is the "dirtyroom" as you see it is a alot messier than the cleanroom

This is the “dirtyroom” as you see it is a alot messier than the cleanroom

Here at Ann Richards when you enter 8th grade you are expected to start thinking about what pathway you want to take when you start high school. There are 3 pathways, Engineering, Media Tech and Bio-med. In pltw we are able to get a feel what these pathways are about ands what we will do if we chose them with a thing called modules. What are modules? Modules are like a mini experience of the pathways wrapped up into 1 week period of learning and hands objectives you’re expected to complete. Under the modules the 3 pathways have different ‘objectives’ Under Engineering there are:


-Mechanical Systems

-Computer Automated drafting

-Construction and Fabricating Basics

I am currently working on Mechanical systems as I have just finished with the 1st part/section of  Engineering. Under Media Tech there is

-Media Tech



For Media Tech I’ve done the 1st part then moved on to engineering because i wanted to explore more than one pathway. There is one more Pathway that we have and that is Bio-med, under that there is


-Stimulations and Applications in Medicine


So far my favorite modules that I have done are the Media Tech: Media Tech’ and the one I’m currently working on Engineering: ‘Mechanical Systems’. Creating the makerspace was no easy task and it is still not yet completed but its getting there. Thanks to Mrs. Sauter, the pltw teacher we have this amazing space to help us prepare for the years to come. Pltw is the main class that helps decide what your high school classes will be and will help you when you go to college. This is a great class for students to express their creativity and explore doing new things that they might’ve never thought they would’ve enjoyed doing.

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