CAD- Designing Your Dreams

Hi, my name is Zoe and this year in PLTW we have been exploring different modules that represent a different pathways at our school. We get to pick and work on one every two weeks. this past week I got the pleasure to learn about CAD in our engineering module. That stands for Computer Animated Drafting. For all those 8th graders at Ann Richards, you may recognize this from last year.

 In our new and improved Makers Space, me and my partner Macy Nelms have been working on this project involving a computer program called Inventor. Here you can create prototypes with 3D modeling. Right now we are working on making a model of a dry erase marker.

 But computers aren’t all of it. You first need to start out with Isometric and Orthographic drawings.With these you can draw out what you product is going to look like.

 To draw  Isometric you use a special type of graph paper where the lines look like sideways diamonds  rather than squares. Here you can draw out and label what your final product is going to look like including measurements. They are drawn from a corner angle so you can see all of it.

Next is the orthographic. An orthographic sketch is used to show the top, bottom, and side of the product. This is drawn on regular graph paper and usually includes measurements.

With the program on the computer, you start out by measuring and drawing out an outline, and then you can bring it to life by extruding it and making it 3D. Inventor creations can range from something simple like a dry erase marker or something super complex like an engine, or in this case a turbine.

I really enjoy working on this module, and with this program in general, because there aren’t a lot of restrictions. You can do what ever your imagination wants. Although it may be tricky and frustrating at first, after you the hang of it, you can have a lot of fun. Thanks for reading and keep your creativity flowing!

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