By: Elissa Torrez

In 8th grade we have to pick a path way,  Media Tech, Engineering, or Biomedical Science. In the PLTW class we are in groups and have to do modules about each pathway.

I have done the Biomedical module, Media Tech module and the Engineering module. My first module I did was the Biomedical module you and your group had to make a poster about how you think medicine will be in the future. As I was doing this module I realized that the Biomedical Science field really interests me. So after that module I did the Simulation Applications In Medicine module. In that module, you and your group had to pick a computer simulation and make a presentation about it. My partner and I chose the Dynamics of Seasonal Epidemics simulation. We made a prezi, in the prezi it had the background of computer simulations, an explanation of our simulation and how my partner and I thought this simulation could help doctors, and how we track data in the future.

After both the Biomedical modules I did the blogging module, as a group we all had to write a blog and post it to our class blog. Currently I’m doing the Engineering module. My group and I have to build a bridge out of tooth picks, thread and liquid glue. Personally I don’t really favor Engineering but this module is somewhat fun.

I know by the end of the school year we all will have to decide which path way we would like to study. I think the PLTW class and the modules are great ways to help us choose what we want to do for high school and possibly major in college and is certainly helping me decide which path I want to take to help change the future.

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