My Awesome Experience in First Period By: Alyssa Infante

blogWhat is PLTW? PLTW stands for Project Lead the Way. In my option PLTW is one of my favorite classes because it’s a class where you can be creative, think outside the box, and be you. This year in PLTW we have modules to sort of figure out what pathway we would want to do when we head into high school next year. There are three pathway options for next year engineering, media tech, and bio med. The pathway that I am thinking of doing next year is media tech, because I feel like I would really enjoy it, plus I’m not too big of a fan of bio med and I’m not so good at engineering.

Since the beginning of these modules I’ve been really focused on the media tech modules. The first module we did for media tech was like an introduction to the pathway, we interviewed someone who was in the pathway to see what they do and why they picked media tech as their pathway. Then we had to come up with a device that could improve technology today, my group 1came up with a watch that could help with school like textbooks and you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a heavy backpack around and hurting your back.

The next module we did was blogging. We learned what makes a good blog, how blogs are important, and how to write a blog. This is kind of funny considering I am writing a blog post right now. The module that I have
recently finished with was intro to photography, the challenge we had to do was make our own pinhole camerawith our group. At first I didn’t think the camera would actually work but as I got a better understanding of what we were doing I started feeling confident about our camera. I thought making a pinhole camera was fun and I can’t wait to see results of the pictures we took.

The module that we just started is screen printing. We have to make a design that has to do with PLTW. I think that this module is going to be interesting and fun, I can’t wait to actually screen print the design on a shirt. Well I think that’s all I have to say right now thanks for reading my blog post, until next time guys!  post

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