Modules in PLTW

PLTW (-:

PLTW stands for, ‘Project Lead The Way.’ PLTW this year is totally something new and different as a whole. I’ve talked to some classmates and they really enjoy the class this year so far and how Mrs. Sauter has it set up for us. For a lot of us it was a big change at first, but we adjusted and this class is very unique, and not many schools get to endure a class like this. PLTW this year for 8th grade takes place in the Maker Space, we’re the only grade who get’s to have every PLTW class in the Maker Space.



Every 2 weeks we start a new module. Every 6 weeks we change groups, there’s also a blog post due every 6 weeks. My favorite module so far has been the media tech module. The module I’m currently working on is the construction fabrication module, it’s something very different and hands on, my group and I are very much enjoying it. There’s a challenge 1 and challenge 2 to go along with every module. Challenge 1 is usually independent and challenge 2 is done as a group. There’s also a quiz and reflection to go along with each module.


What’s The Point?

I feel there are a few reasons Mrs. Sauter decided to change the way the class works this year. A big reason was to get us prepared for high school. Each person is exploring all the three different pathways. Engineering, media tech, and bio med, are what all the modules originate from.

-Lestle Soto

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