So after 12 weeks of this class, I have decided an opinion about it. I like this class, but the modules are a little hard to adjust to. I feel like two weeks are enough time to get them done, but there isn’t enough structure in the class, and I slack off. I do like the idea of the modules. We get to work on things that interest us and really decide what pathway we want. I am enjoying getting to work on things that I want to work on and not other things. Although sometimes the modules are complicated and a little confusing I still enjoy what we are working on them. 

So far I have only worked on the engineering modules and liked them a lot.  I hope to keep working on them and when I was working on them I got my idea for my project next semester. I think that these modules have done a lot in the sense that I have learned a lot, and been inspired. The module that I am working on right now has helped me decide what my project for next semester is going to be, and they have helped me to finalize my choice of the pathway I want. I have really liked the modules so far. Though they may be a bit confusing at times, I hope we get to keep doing them.


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