My Introduction to Media Tech.

Yazmeen Vazquez

In Gateway to Technology, we work on different modules like Engineering, Media Tech, and Biomedical Science, and we work on other modules in those major modules. We do these modules in order to help us learn what Pathway we want to take in High School.

Right now I’m doing the Media Tech module and in that module I have done Intro to Photography, Blogging, and I’m working on Screen Printing. In the Intro to Photography module we made a pinhole camera and took a picture of a red button, it did not come out well but we still kept trying and we did it at the end. In the Blogging module my team and I made a blog post on the pinhole camera we made for the module Intro to Photography. Right now in the Screen Printing module we are making a design to screen print onto a shirt, the design had to be related to our class. We made a walkie talkie saying “I got you bro”, and what it symbolizes is that people make walkie talkies and that is part of the Engineering pathway, and the “I got you bro” says that we all have each others back.

That is a little bit of what we do in Gateway to Technology, I hope I get to tell you more later on.

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