Modules By: Vanessa Mireles


These past weeks we have been doing different modules that are centered around  Media Tech, Biomedical Science, or Engineering. These modules that we have been working on are so we can focus on what pathway we want to choose in high school, and giving us an idea of what we want to do when we want to grow up.

I think Media Tech would be cool and fun, but only if you are into working with computers and enjoy it. My opinion would be that if you like computers and would one day would want to learn how to make like a phone or maybe even make a popular website like Instagram or Facebook.

Biomedical Science would be for people, who, in the future want to be doctors, or something that has to do with human health. I would recommend it for people who would be interested in this pathway or is even considering it. I think you should give it a try,even if you don’t really know, but want to learn more about it. You never know, you might end up making a cure for a major disease.

Engineering I would recommend this pathway for people who think it would be cool to learn more about building different things and working with different tools. You can even take this pathway to learn more about it, and if you get interested in it you might even end up finding something that you really like.

Making a choice can be easy for some people because they might already have kind of an idea of what they really want. But don’t feel pressure you have more time to think about it and if you don’t really know at the end of the year pick something you might want to learn more about or be interested in finding your future.

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