Construction & Fabrications

Hello! My name is Lendy! In my 8th grade PLTW class were doing modules and we pick these modules by what were interested about. For example one of my favorite modules was Construction & Fabrication. In that module we had to do a bird house. The bird house had to be all 90 degree angles, but before my group and I started building we first needed to learn how to use the tools and the safety rules. I thought this was boring and that I already knew all the tools we were going to use, but in reality I had no clue how to work saw, a drill, etc.

Building this birdhouse thought me to do things on my own! As our school helps us prepare us to make our own decisions, we get the freedom to do the modules that we feel we are great for us. Of course nobody thinks the same way and sometimes we don’t have the same interest. When sketching plans to do a 90 degree birdhouse, I never really thought about how in the world was I going to build it. Yea it was hard because my teammates and I thought differently but we decided to add to our Ideas in one birdhouse. What I really enjoyed about this module was that it really brought me into this new world all about engineering. I never knew engineering was Construction & Fabrication, Mechanical System, Computer Animated Drafting, and so many more! I never knew about it until now, and I’m happy I know what I want to work on for, I guess the rest of my life, and that is to be an engineer. Thanks to the Ann Richards program PLTW.

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