By: Nayeli Espinoza

At first we had to start at challenge #1 because we were just starting the module about photography and we were learning how to make the pinhole camera through the steps in the module. Than we started to build a prototype that was our example that taught us how to make it when we actually got the pringles can and we had to make it pitch black so no light would go through and then we were trying to make it perfect so that we could have a good grade in that module.


Our first challenge was to build the pinhole camera that was very hard when we first had started because we were so confused and I thought I  was doing everything wrong (which I had) but my group had helped me get back on track.

My second challenge was to do the group blog I helped with the conclusion which depended on everybody else but I did the conclusion by myself cause everybody else did not do their part that they said they would.

I had a role to play and I brought some of the materials that were necessary to make the pinhole camera work like the pringles can and  I helped in any way I possibly could and I tried the hardest that I could.

The camera is a working progress because it takes many steps to make it work you have to keep trying to make it better. Our group worked hard on this, and tried their hardest and sometimes we got really frustrated because we didn’t know what to do or we were just confused at some point, but we did not give up. And my experience in photography is that you have to work hard on everything. And not push yourself hard or else you’re going to fall hard.

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