pltw by amy torres

PLTW.  So many things to do in that class.  I enjoy it a lot.  It’s a very fun class. This class is a class where you can do a lot of hands on things.  You practice what you can do when you choose your pathway.

Engineering is my favorite thing to do in this class.  I enjoy doing a lot of hands on  activities and practicing engineering here, it’s very fun.This pathway can lead to so many things when you are older.  You can practically become anything since EVERYTHING has something to do with engineeringI love this pathway and I think I may choose this first.  But of course I cannot forget media tech.

Media tech is very cool too.  It is the kind of pathway for those who love technology and want to do a lot of video-making and picture taking and all that kind of stuff.  Media Tech was my first module and it was cool and all but I don’t think it’s for me.  There isn’t anything bad to it but I don’t think I’m cut out for that.

Bio-Med, I have not tried but I really want too.  It’s like a combination of engineering and medicine sort of stuff.  I actually still haven’t done this pathway but I really am looking forward to doing it.

PLTW in general is a great class. It’s the class that you can be free in using your imagination. I enjoy it a lot and it’s a free class.  I enjoy it and I hope that this is a class that will lead me to something great soon!

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