My Pathway So Far

Enalisa Blackman
In 8th grade we get to explore 3 pathways, Biomedical, Engineering, and Media technology. So far, I have done mediatech and engineering, and soon biomed. In the engineering pathway, we built a bridge out of toothpicks to see how many grams the bridge could hold. I also did the mediatech module and we made a pinhole camera and tried to develop a picture.
At first, I didn’t want to do the engineering module because I felt that it was so irrelevant to life, and I just didn’t want to do it. But, majority rules, so we did it. Doing the engineering module changed my perspective on engineering, engineering is everything, everywhere. I learned that engineering is a very important aspect to life and that without we wouldn’t be the society we are today.
After the engineering module, I did the mediatech module. I was looking forward to the mediatech module. During the module, our project was to make a pinhole camera that could potentially produce an actual image. Doing this module, I found that I really liked it because it brought out the creative part of me, which I really liked it. The idea of taking pictures from different points of views, really sparked me inside. Mediatech is important, commercials and ads and shows, all that great stuff comes from people in the mediatech field. I haven’t done the biomedical module but I am looking forward to it.
Choosing a pathway right now would definitely be hard for me because everything I have done in each module has been great. My biggest goal in choosing a pathway is choosing something that will help people in the future. I feel that regardless of the pathway I choose I will help someone, but I want to help someone in the biggest, most efficient way possible. My pathway so far would be… biomed because of the fact that I could potentially save someone’s life. What better way to live your own life than doing everything you can to save someone else’s. To ensure their happiness in a life well deserved and spent is all I could ever want to do.

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