A Good Rule of PLTW- Dhivya B.

Hi there,

I’m here to tell you guys about construction and fabrication basics. It sounds complicated, right? Maybe kind of boring? Well, it’s not. Unlike mechanical systems, it involves making your own pieces, to make your own main piece. You have to draw it out first, make it creative. Part two involved making a birdhouse. It was a lot easier than we thought it’d be. Part one had taught us how to use the tools and materials, and what materials we needed.

Then we had to think about the layout of our bird house. What we needed to know. What kind of bird was it for? small? Large? What did its nests look like? How would the bird get in? It took us a couple tries to get it.

image2 We decided to not make our birdhouse so traditional.

image1After all, we wanted to be creative. What we didn’t take into consideration was the strength of our design. the top was too weak to support our entire birdhouse for long. We never hung it up. I really can’t give you any instructions for this challenge. It’s all about your creativity. I guess that’s the main thing im trying to say to you. to succeed in this module, or any modules, you need to keep trying; don’t give up, and be prepared for failure. It sounds harsh when I say it like that, but it’s true. You have to fail to really succeed.

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