The pathways

There are three different pathways. They are very different from each other. The pathways are media tech, engineering, and biomed. In this class, each of the pathways have different modules that get us prepared for deciding which pathway we are going to choose for next year. For example, media tech has photography and engineering has mechanical systems. I am interested in going into the pathway of media tech because I like to do things that involve a camera like photography or film. The other pathways are interesting too, but I like media tech better.
The engineering pathway gets people interested into becoming engineers. Engineering is the designing and building of things we use everyday. Engineers basically formed our society. There are many different types of engineering like mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Mechanical systems is one of the modules of this pathway. It gets us learning about automation and robotics. I haven’t done this module, but it seems really fun.
The media tech pathway is for people who consider themselves visual learnerz and for anybody who likes technology. This pathway helps us communicate our ideas of to the world. As media technology advances, some of our daily tasks will become easier to do. We will have information available that we can use to help us.
In the module of Intro to photography, we learned about cameras and how many years ago people had to do all of work to take a decent picture. They had to load a film and make sure the camera was focused. The camera was big and it was lots of work to use. If you did something wrong you had to start over.
I’m glad that our technology advanced because its really easy to take a photo now, we just snap a picture with our phone or camera. In Intro to Photography we got to make a pinhole camera. The pinhole camera is not that hard to make but to take a picture, thats a different story. We have to go to a dark room to load the film and then we expose the film to light to take a picture. We tried to do it but on the first try we let too much light in and on the second one we let a little bit of light in. We still haven’t made a picture, but Ms. Sauter said our camera was the best one.
The last pathway is bio med, which is short for biomedical science. This pathway gets people prepared to go into the field of medicine. Science is improving everyday and this is good because then we can someday find a cure for almost every sickness there is. Simulations and bioengineering is one of the modules for this pathway. In this module we are going to learn about how scientists are using simulation to enhance medicine through bioengineering. Simulations are helpful because they allow use of a quick model of a situation that could occur, and biomedical engineers can collect data on the outcome. Simulations are used for a lot of things and biomedical engineers are using simulations to help solve health problems and increase the quality of medical care. I’m not really interested in becoming a nurse or a doctor but the general topic of biomedical is interesting to learn about.
When I go to high school I want to be in media tech. The pathways are different from each other but they have some similarities. They all revolve around some kind of technology and they are all part of creating a new and advanced world. The part of the world I want to know more about is media tech. Look for me in the movies!

– Monserrat Guillen

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