Project lead the way!

Project Lead The Way!                                                          Emelyn Macias


Pltw stands for Project Lead The Way, I can for sure tell you the pltw has changed my life in many different ways. Pltw made me try new things I’d never see myself doing, think beyond I’d ever think, and learn more about my interests! Now that it’s 8th grade year it’s time to think about our pathway for high school, I’m glad Pltw is a part of my school because it’s helped me learn about the pathway choices we have. Media Tech, Biomed, and Engineering are our high school pathway, We have the decision to choose one of the three pathways. In pltw we do “modules”, each module has to do one of our pathways which helps learn a little bit about our high school pathways.

One of my favorite module is mediatech. Mediatech is so cool! I love it because its perfect for me because I love solving things, I never saw myself interested in mediatech but its always good to try new things! That’s when I clicked to the mediatech module (photography) we were assigned to do a pinhole camera we basically created a camera using the following materials-

-wax paper


-aluminum foil

-thumb tacks

-masking tape

-a can

-cylindrical vessel

-utility knife

For this module we cut a can out and painted it black from the inside so it would be darker and it would be better for us to capture the picture when we’re in the dark room to see the picture we took so it would appear in the wax paper.


I also did a biomed module where we researched hiv, aids, cancer, and diabetes which are incurable and we researched medicine that would help people from getting all of these. We researched how doctors would have a cure in about more than 20 years, such as shots, medicine, and pills for people.

Pltw is such a great opportunity here at Ann Richards, because it helps us know our interests and gets us ready for highschool. Pltw has helped me so many ways, and its so important to me because ARS gets the opportunity to have this program and especially because I’m a girl we think beyond average!

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