Welcome to Biomedical Science!

Hey you guys! How’s it going?

I wanted to talk to you all about the last module I did. The last module that I did was the Biomedical Science module. Our challenge was to come up with an answer for the question, “What will the doctor’s office or hospital of tomorrow look like?” My group members and I (Catalina, Bonnie, Kayla, and Zoë) were trying to come up with ideas that we thought a hospital would provide, medical wise. Catalina came up with an idea that hospitals would provide a Bone Marrow/Organ printer. That way, instead of people waiting for a perfect match for organs or things like that, they could just have a person just print out any organ that they would need. Another idea we had was Bonnie`s idea. Her idea was to make a “finger scanner” which provides you with the right amount of medicine, any type of medicine, if you put your finger on the scanner. The scanner would be pocket sized and easy to use. One last idea we had was Zoë`s idea. It was to put a chip or scanner thing on a car that would scan the person to see if that person has drugs or alcohol of any kind in their inside of them. If they did then the car would not turn on. Next, we had to put all of those ideas onto a poster. We put all of those ideas down, we put what the object would do, and then we put a picture of the object on the bottom. All of us contributed to the poster and at the end, it looked awesome. Our teacher, Ms.Sauter, showed us an app on how to put little pictures on the drawings and you could only see them through something that you scan it with.  We put pictures of what we thought the real thing would look like in the future. Afterwards, we had to put up our work up on the wall so that people could see our ideas, and they could scan the pictures with their phones, iPad, etc. Then they could see how the future hospitals would provide those things. Another part of our assignment was to ask a person (they could NOT be part of our group) if we could take a video of them reading our poster out loud and then using the poster. Basically just scanning the pictures with her phone. We asked Prisila if she could do this and she said yes. We made the video, said thank you, took a picture of the poster, and all of us turned that in. I really liked that module because it was really fun. It was cool getting to make those pictures get scanned and then have those other pictures appear. I guess I liked it so much because I like to help people a lot and with these objects, there would be a great difference for a lot of people and more safety for them too. It would help a lot of people solve problems like drunk driving, or figuring out how much medicine to take, or waiting years for an organ that people really need. I am glad to know that a lot of people will be helped in the future if they really make these things soon. It will really make a difference.

-Lucero P.

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