For the different modules that we are assigned to do in pltw, we work in teams of three or four. We have one assignment that is independent, but the main assignment per module is done with our group. Working in a group is similar to working in an office in many ways. Working in a group is sometimes easier than working by yourself because hearing other people’s ideas can sometimes help you come up with ideas of your own. I’m not saying that everything that you do should be worked on in a group but it’s a good skill to be able to work with others. When you are older you are going to need to brainstorm ideas for the company that you work for and it would be really hard to get a final product if you aren’t used to communicating with others to get your idea across. Personally, I prefer to work in a group because I find it easier to get the work done, and the idea and concept turns out better.  Sometimes we don’t know the people that are in our groups as well but we learn to still get the work done. When you are older you will not know everyone that you work with. You may not know anyone when you join, but you are still required to do your job and complete the task you are given. Plus, you may not like everyone that you work with or everyone’s ideas all the time.  So learning how to cooperate with people you may prefer not to interact with is a good skill to have. To choose our groups, we first split up into groups based off of the module that we are interested in doing. Then once we decided what we want to do next we get into a group with the other people that have the same interest in a topic. Working in groups teaches you how to compromise. You learn how to turn downs ideas and how to convince others that your suggestions may be better. Group work sometimes requires that you divide the work and group work teaches you to be responsible for doing your part. You also learn to resolve disagreements. Once we get in our groups and we complete the individual challenge. The last module my group did was Media Tech. The group challenge was to create a video of an idea to improve technology. My group came up with an idea of fingerprint security where you can unlock your house door by just scanning your fingerprint. Our video was a Draw my Life theme in the sense that we used a whiteboard to draw out our ideas. All these are good skills we will take into our jobs in the future. Teamwork and leadership are good skills to have at school and in the world of work.

-Nicole R.

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