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These past six weeks my partners and I have been choosing the engineering pathway. In engineering you build your ideas. We started with the Design Process. The Design Process is a procedure that you go through where you have a problem and you have to come up with a solution. For my first independent Design Process Project I had to create a picture that had the different steps in the Design process. Then, we did our challenge two project. We got together with our groups and had to create a fake design that we drew it our journals to help a stuck cat get out of a hole.

This is a picture of a Design brief and the Drawings of the first two projects. Basically a table of who’s idea was better and which module the group likes more.

Then, we moved into the third project. This was so fun to create! We made speakers out of cups and different materials!

These were the materials we used for this project:

-A napkin roll

-Duck Tape

-Plastic cups


-Hot glue gun

We also just finished a project called Construction & Fabrication basis. We made a wood sandwich and I know that sounds weird but, it really wasn’t. To be honest it was my first time that I had actually had really dealt with tools. It was quite fun! We got to see the different tools that we would be using for the year! (at least most of them)

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