Prosthetics by: Jacinda Patina

This module was a brain worker! It started off as or original design but since we didn’t have access to certain materials we couldn’t build our original design. We had to change our whole design and think of a new design.

We had a hard time but then we decided we would use foam (from a water noodle) as the cushioning and just attach it by string, but e put the attachments in the back burner for now and just tried to build the leg itself. The materials have changed along the way.

For the foot we started off with a piece of cardboard, but after we spraypainted the foot it got really flimsy so that was a no. Now we only had a cardboard tube and that was it. We didn’t know what to do now. We thought of using wood for the foot but we also had some doubts like it would be to heavy but, after a while we had to resort to the wood foot. It worked out way better than we thought.

We attached everything and then we had to figure out how we were gonna attach it to the leg. We got string and drilled some holes and tied the string to the leg and ran the rest of it through our belts and then we were done.

Well thats what we thought as soon as we tried to walk the foot fell of the leg. Clearly the hot glue wasn’t working so we were done with that. we didn’t know what else to put we tried wood glue gorilla glue but it just would do the job so then we thought of tape.

The first time we tried out the tape it was really flimsy so we thought we were out of luck. But we didn’t quit there we wrapped the foot in tape multiple times and it finally was strong enough for us to walk in! We were so happy!

Jacinda (me) walking in the prosthetic leg.

Jacinda (me) walking in the prosthetic leg.

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