Procedures for Prosthetic By Bella Thomas

Procedures for Prosthetics
by:Bella Thomas

In PLTW class we create various things and projects to finish modules. One of the modules that I recently finish was a biomedical module. in this moduleI had to create a prosthetic leg.There are many steps that you need to know or have to do in order to create a successful module. Take in mind that we didn’t have really expensive materials.

The first step that we do in order to create any product is making a Design Brief. The Design Brief is the written plan for the project. In the Design Brief we clarify Who the clients is,What the problem is,How we plan to fix it,What the design will need,The constraints of the product and What we will deliver to the client. By creating this we make it easier for us to design a helpful product that will be successful.

The next step is design the potential products.By doing this you can design as many ideas that will or will not work and you can find the best one for the job.
After you create your design then you pick your top 3 and evaluate them. To evaluate them you have to create a grading box.In our grading box we used Size,Productivity,Safety,Comfort,and Durability to decide wich was the best design idea for our module.Once you finish those steps then you build.

The next step is Building and Revising.The first draft of the prosthetic needed a plunger,duck-tape ropes,cardboard foot,cardboard leg wrap, and a p.v.c. pipe.When we started making it we noticed that there were no plungers available,so then we had to go back and create a whole new sketch.After we had the new sketch we started building it;we used cardboard for the foot, thick cardboard for the leg base, foam for the attachment to the limb,and felt on top of the foam for the comfort but the card board foot wasn’t strong enough to hold and it kept imploding on itself.Finally we decided to switch out the cardboard for wood and add ropes for support.

The final step to prosthetics is Reflection. When we do reflections it helps us understand what it is that we learned or what we can get out of doing this activity.this step is the step where everything really clicks and you realize all the good skills you’ve gained that can pay off in the future. The skills that I learned were how to work with what you’ve got and to be determined in whatever you’re doing.These will pay off in the future because when I am much older and have a job I will have to be determined so I can reach my goal of success. I really enjoyed this module and can’t wait for the next.The picture below is the final product .The person wearing it is my Co worker  Jacinda Patina image-5

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