My PLTW Experience by Anjelica Arias

To me, this PLTW experience so far, has been very hectic, but at the same time I have enjoyed every part of it. When I first heard that we were going to be building a lot of things for each pathway I did not think that we would be doing as much as I thought that we were would. I thought there was going to be something that we did last year in PLTW, but I was wrong.

This year’s PLTW we are introduced into our three pathways, which are Media Technology, Engineering, and Biomed. They all have different modules, which are basically different challenges or tasks that go deeper into what it is going to be like in each pathway.

Personally I have become a real fond of the Media Technology pathway, I really like how you can create movies and edit videos. I find it very interesting the way that our world now revolves around technology and we depend on technology for everything in our everyday life.

Even though I only was able to do one of the modules that was provided for us which was to create a pinhole camera. Even though there was a few times where it was really confusing to understand the concept of it, or the designing process, the ending outcome was really enjoyable and I would like to do that again.

I think that if I was to start with the Media Technology pathway and continued with it that I would have really liked the outcome and got to experience what would happen in that certain pathway. I really wish that there was more modules for the Media Technology or like a specific workshop for people that are really interested in that pathway.

Personally, I feel that I have changed into a different and more open person through this experience. I found myself wanting to know more about a pathway that I am very interested in, which is Media Technology. I want to know what it’s like going in that pathway and finally doing something that I have been very interested in for a while now.

I like how I can find new things with certain processes of the different modules. I find myself changing in each way when I do a certain module, or whenever I am designing something for a certain module. I am really surprised with the outcome of myself, and of each module.

This PLTW will be a class that I will never forget. It made me the person I am today, and made me more excited to see what more and more of the modules that I will discover in my eighth grade year.

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