Ray of Light Through a Pinhole by Ana Rosero

Making a pinhole camera
The main idea of this module was to think about photography, and how its a really important part in expressing our ideas. Our challenge was to create a pinhole camera, that actually works. We used Kodak instructions to help us make our pinhole camera. We interesting stuff. also used a Pringles container, that we later had to paint black, film, masking tape, a push pin, aluminum foil, and scissors.

We had to make the camera totally dark, so that the light wouldn’t ruin the picture that we had to take with our camera. To ensure this we spray painted our can, covered the pinhole with black masking tape, and we covered the lid of our can with masking tape as well. The process was easy, and quick.

My experienceimage
At first when I found out that I had to make a pinhole camera I was a little scared because I didn’t think it was possible for me to make it work. But after we started to work on it and got more into our challenge, I felt really confident that our camera was going to take a good picture. The instructions really helped us and another good thing was that my group members were always prepared, they helped me if I was confused on what to do. I think that the hardest part of making the pinhole camera was making it completely black.

Media Tech
Media tech is the pathway I’m planning to take in high school. Now that I’m actually learning about things that they do in media tech by making stuff, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve always liked cameras and taking pictures. But media tech takes it a step further by teaching students how to edit videos, and camera angles and a bunch of other interesting stuff.

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