Designing a Birdhouse

I have recently finished the Construction and Fabrication Basics Module, in which we designed and built a birdhouse. It’s actually not as hard as you would think, but designing it is the most important part of this project! That’s why i’m here to talk to you about it.


The first thing You need to think about is how you want your birdhouse to look like, and what your purpose is for it. If it’s for decoration, it be can pretty small, but if you want an actual bird in there, you need  to make it much larger. If you want a birdhouse for a bird think about it like this:

If you were as small as a bird, what kind of house would you want? Probably not one with no shelves, because you need a place to store your eggs. Probably not a place with tight spaces, because they will need space to fly. And definitely a place with holes, since holes are pretty much doors for birds (no hands obviously).


If it’s for decoration, then making the appearance is all up to you. But if you are making a house for a bird, think of how birds naturally live, and what they would look for in a home. If you’re one of of those people who observes birds, and wants a specific bird living there, you would have to do the research yourself for what attracts that specific bird.


Finally, once you have your design, make a rough sketch of what you want it to look like. Be specific and use measurements. They help immensely. To be sure, try adding up your side on both sides, and seeing if they match up. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to build!


~Bunmi Oni

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