My Kick Flip Experience by Claudia Luong

Coming to Ann Richards was a hard transition because in elementary school everything was planned for us and we just have to follow that plan and do it perfectly. At Ann Richards, there was more thinking for ourselves and solving problems that we didn’t think we would bump into. Most of the failures were in this class, PLTW.


There was a time in PLTW where I convinced myself that I should give up. This was during when the Maker Faire was getting closer and the materials just came into the mail. Our project involved computer programming and sewing. So we had to learn about what programs we had to use and how to use them in a matter of days. We had so much to do, our group was debating on whether to come to school on a Saturday. Me, thinking about dropping the project and doing something easier disagreed with this idea. Then I thought about the reason I made this project, to support the LGBTQ community. I thought about how great people form intel found our idea and how they gave us encouragement and advice. I bragged about how great this project was going to be, and then there I was wanting to give up.


After a class period of planning on how are project was going to, we found ways to get things done and maybe if we worked hard enough we could finish this project. Turns out our materials were there the whole time, but a teacher took them on accident. This gave me a better idea of where our project was going considering we only had materials.


In the end, the shirt was a fail, but for some reason I felt proud because I didn’t give up. When I look at that shirt I see my persistence and determination through the poorly sewn lilypads and LED lights.

photo 1photo 2

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