Failure meets success

For this 6th 6 weeks instead of doing the regular skateboard projects everybody else is doing we decided to keep working on our playhouse. Progress with our playhouse has gone really well, in good ways and bad ways but as of now I can say that our playhouse is pretty much done and all we have to do is paint, sand down some pieces of wood that have been left sticking out and we’re done!

It has not been easy trying to build and finish this house on time many things happened to us throughout the course of trying to build the house. For example, while cutting out walls and making windows in the walls we would have our measurements be a little bit off and cover the windows more than they are supposed to on the outside or it being too short on the inside or/and the wall wouldn’t fit in. This happened about two times in a row and the way to fix it is we would use the jigsaw to trim off the extra piece of wood covering the window or cut off a bit of the wall and move the wall to the side a bit to where the window and wall fit nicely inside.

That was not the only thing that went wrong, at times some of our materials would go missing, cause you know it’s a public place people tend to mistake their materials for ours it’s all good but this was a bit annoying at times when we did need to use the materials and had to miss a day of building because of it. Also the weather, there was a week where nothing but rain was pouring out of the sky and our house would get wet and we could not go outside and build just because it was raining and it would mess up how much time we had to build by a lot. Last but certainly not least, procrastination. At times we would start goofing off and start talking about random things that had nothing to do with the playhouse but fortunately we usually would catch ourselves doing this and one of our team members would remind us and we would quickly stop and get back to work. This is one of the things I liked about being in this group.

Having this group as team members was a really good experience for me because I feel like we know how to find the good in bad situations and not take things too seriously but serious enough to get things done and have fun while doing them. Also we know how to split up and concur. This was one of our key methods to finishing our playhouse. We would split up into two groups, each one does a different thing and we get things done faster.

In Conclusion, I am so proud of how our play house turned out. I will add pictures down below of the process of building this playhouse so you can see how it was made. I’d like to thank every one of my team members for coming up with this idea and letting me in on it at the last minute I loved working with them and hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to do something like this again.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

– Brenda Puente


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