The Giving Bunny Project Continuing By: Vanessa Mireles

In the blog post I did before I talked about the what the giving bunny project is about an the steps it takes to make one by if you didn’t read that I’ll just tell you a little bit about it.

What it is about…Featured image

The Giving Bunny project is about making other people happy. All you have to do is hand sew a bunny and when you finish you give the bunny a name and put it anywhere you want so when someone sees it that person can take it home. You can put inspirational quotes that can make that person smile. Now that you have read about this I am going to tell you what we’re are planning to do now.

What we were planning on doing…

The day of the maker faire we got a wonderful idea from Ms.D to expand our project. She said we should make more bunnies and take them to a hospital to where we can give to little kids. The hospital we plan on going is Dell Children’s Hospital and we are planning to go to the kids that have cancer and give them a bunny that would make them smile and be happy since that’s the point of the project.

What we are gonna do…

When we scheduled the appointment to go to the hospital we were all set to go until something came up that we couldn’t go. We tried to reschedule it but they never answered our phone call and our voice mails. So what Ms.Wiersema told us we should do was go to an Elementary School and hide them around the classrooms so when the little kids when to school they would find them and make their day even better. The school we want to go to is J.Houston Elementary and we hope that our goal is meet.

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