Giving bunnies

Giving Bunnies                                                                 Emelyn Macias

This six weeks me and my group have been working on the giving bunny project in class. Which has been really difficult because we’re going through a lot of obstacles while doing this project and I know at the end this project will be worth it. We have had a really fun experience because we all have learned something in this project. I learned how to sew and stuff the bunnies. I’m glad that this class and project has taught me new things that I never imagined myself accomplishing.

The point of the giving bunny project was to make people happy. We first did this as our maker project and now we wanted to go more big and make kids happy since kids love stuffed little animals. We are planning to either a hospital or an elementary school to go take the bunnies to the little kids to make them happy. We thought this was a good idea because it would make me and my group happy and the little kids. I have been sewing in the tails and stuffing the bunnies because i’m not really trained or ready to start embroidering the bunnies faces.

Maker project and this project that i’m currently doing has really taught me new ways not only on what i’m good or bad at but how to work with other people that i’m not used to talking to. Pltw is a class that helps me discover new things about myself that can help me later in the future and in my other classes

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