Kick Flip Failure

Dear Failures,

I know this sounds cheesy, but you are only a failure if you give up. No, seriously. Otherwise, all of us would be failures. Sometimes, you have a brilliant idea, but it just doesn’t work out, so you need to try another strategy. Sometimes, that still doesn’t work, so you have to try a gazillion different things, and it still epically fails. That is okay though, because if it is impossible, it is not possible, and you may not be the right person to make your idea a reality. Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that you cannot do everything and that you have limits, so sometimes you have to give up.

This year, in PLTW, I was working on making a movie. I made the script for the movie, I got the costumes designed, I got actors for all of the parts, and I knew where we would be filming. Everything for the movie was amazing. I tried finding a time when the actors could come over to our set and film. For weeks, I searched for a time, but there was just no time when we could film. The due date was drawing near, so I had to cancel the movie and come up with a completely different idea for my project. I quickly wrote up the script, and my partner and I filmed the entire video during school hours. The video actually worked out in the end and it will soon be posted on either Youtube, or our blog, so be looking out for Words of Wisdom.

In Words of Wisdom, there are a few lessons which Aleeya L. and I think are very important for anybody, not just kids, and not just adults. The lessons are meant to help people become aware of communication issues that people often have. By creating our video, we hope to resolve many of the communication issues.

My point in this blog is that whenever you mess up, don’t give up, because until you give up you haven’t failed, but when you give up, that is when you truly fail.


Today, I would like you to find something that you gave up on, and try to find a way to finish it and make it better. My goal is that by doing this, you will see that you can usually find a way to make your ideas come true, but only if you put your mind to it. Maybe you’ll have to change something from your original design, but that’s okay.

Have fun and keep on failing,

Regina S.


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