Failure Leads to New Opportunities

Failure Leads to New Opportunities

By Kayla Zinsmeyer

People are always telling you how failure isn’t an option. They tell you how your project must be completed, remind you of all the deadlines, of the people you need to impress, or expectations you have to exceed. You’ve heard it all before, I’m sure. When you try to reason with them, explaining to the people with the deadlines that setbacks sometimes happen, they tell you that the show must go on. What they don’t realise, is that sometimes their inflexible plans are what doom a project. What they don’t realize, is that sometimes failure is the best option.

IMG_20150507_163226491_HDRThis is something that my 2 other group members experienced recently when we were designing our skateboard. We were determined to put a collage of iconic Austin street-art on one side of our board, since it would compliment the Austin skyline on the other side. However, we quickly realised that was simply too large of a goal, and even if we did have the time, nobody in my group had the experience with photoshop or the other tools we could have used to create the streetart collage. However, once we reached the point where we realised our plan had fallen through, we realised it wasn’t that great of a plan to begin with. We had pretty much skipped the brainstorming stage, and just went forward with the first idea we thought of.

Now that we have decideIMG_20150507_162111222d to do a design that is more suited to our tastes and skill-sets (art and painting, not computer design), everyone is feeling much more confident about the outcome of the skateboard. Instead of the street-art idea, we are doing a gradient rainbow on the underside of the board. While it doesn’t fit in with the Austin theme quite as well, we still think it represents the diversity of cultures in Austin, even in an abstract form. If our streetart idea hadn’t failed, we wouldn’t have realised the better ideas that were out there. It just goes to show how sometimes failure isn’t bad, but the best thing possible.

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