Kickflip Failure Reflect

In the 8th grade we go through a lot of difficulties that we have to face and get use to. I remember one time I was doing a module on Mechanical Systems and I had to build a Mechanism. I was very confused.I thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish it, so I asked for help from one of my peers and they started working on it instead of me. They did a couple of parts until I understood what each part did and where to place them to make the Mechanism.

It was pretty confusing at first, but then I got the hang of it and finally finished my Mechanism. Like they say, “Practice makes perfect”.

My favorite part of the 8th  grade was when we went to University of North Texas also known as UNT and Baylor University. We stayed overnight in Dallas and learned a lot of interesting facts about both Universities.

PLTW class was a blast. We did have our struggles, but we overcame them as a team. We still had fun working on the modules during class. Some of them were a struggle while others were not.

      My 8th grade year will be the year when we had our problems but overcame them and that we noticed that anything is possible only if you make it  possible.

Featured image                Featured image                             By:Sara Villamizar

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