By: Leslie M.

Failure is the lack of success. Failure doesn’t mean to give up, it just means that you need a new plan or to try harder. Failure can be really easy to accomplish but can be really hard to let go and try again. Failure is a necessary part/step of our projects.

I’ve failed many times throughout my modules/projects, but I didn’t give up, that was just a sign that was telling me to try harder. So I tried harder and I did finish that module/project.

I am now going to talk about a time that I have failed. I was working on the prosthetic module. We were in a challenging place, which was to have the prosthetic leg stay on somebody’s leg without falling off when she walked, so at first we used yarn to tie it around her leg but the problem was that the prosthetic leg would move around when she tried to walk on it. That was a failure, but we didn’t give up. So we thought about another idea which was to use a long piece of rope instead of yarn. At first the prosthetic leg moved around when she walked on it but then we tied the rope around her leg differently and it worked.


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