Module Mishap

Catherine G.

Failures happen every day, and when we don’t even notice them. Many of the ”failures” that we overcome everyday, we are actually not at all aware of it. But some failures are more obvious, and you know you have made a huge and epic mistake. Many of these experiences have happened during this in year in the class.

One of these examples was in what I thought would be a very fun module. My partners and I had been researching modern medicine, and historical methods, and we all had a great deal of interest in things like this, and so we began to make the prosthetic module. Originally we were really excited to start, and we had a bit far fetched ideas about what our lower leg would be. I thought that we should have 2 springs one in the ankle area and one in the middle of the shin to minimize the force of impact on the leg of the person. Someone else’s idea was just to maximize comfort and not really efficiency. With all these ideas in mind, and not really any plan we began to hot glue anything and everything we could find together. After realizing how hard it really was to accomplish something out of essentially recycled materials compared to something a real doctor might have access to.

The deadline crept closer and closer and the closer we come to it the closer we came to quitting. Our leg module was Lily, and the leg kept puncturing her knee, and when I felt it I also had the feeling that it was pinching me. We knew that this was unusable, and that there was no way that anyone could walk on it without losing their balance for more than 20 seconds, regardless of the pain it caused, and how unappealing it was in terms of style.

At the end of the day we had come to the conclusion that it was not really our faults, and although it is always disappointing for something that you had high expectations for turn out as a failure. I mean essentially the leg didn’t work, but it did show the effort that we put into it, and all the designs and sketches we made really showed our dedication to trying to make it the best we could. And at the end of the day, even though it was stressful, and a bit disappointing, I really am proud, because making the best out of any situation you are given, and it’s betters to fail together or with your friends, and have fun while doing it.

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