Failure to Success Alexis Miller

Failure to Success

Alexis Miller


Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”-Morihei Ueshiba. Failure is one of the best teachers. In order to succeed you need to fail. At first I thought failing was bad but I realized later that simply trying something new will entail failure. Had I never failed at riding my bike I would have never succeeded. This idea of failing to succeed opened a lot of doors for me. I became more willing to explore things without fearing failure. Failure is not the end of the journey, its just a bump in the road. I’m not promising  success but I am promising a lesson learned.


In PLTW we practiced our skills of failure when we made our Pinhole camera. We followed the instructions and had extremely high hopes. We sealed our pinhole with as much tape as we could find, held our camera out for the picture for the time instructed, and soaked the film in developing liquid for as long as required. We turned the lights on and with the highest of hopes turned the film over to find…a black sheet of paper with white splotches. I was quite frustrated with my makeshift camera that I had worked so hard one. Back to the sketchpad, innovating our design for perfection. We later learned that this work called “perfection” did not exist in reality. An unexpected word called failure became closer and closer than I had ever been comfortable with. The due date came closer and closer and constantly we were sent back to step 1. I thought we had accomplished nothing but failure and a pile of trash, the truth was we had  accomplished something so much better than a picture made from a pringles can.


Accepting failure. Something I had never known well enough, never known exactly what it was and why it was a part of everything. When looking at a pile of cardboard and electrical tape I finally realized that I simply did not have  the best circumstances to make the best picture and to receive an “A” on the assignment. We did however have the best circumstances for learning.

After completing this assignment and so many aspects of this class I have been able to relate this trial and error to the skateboard mentality. We have recently learned about the skateboard mentality and how beneficial it is to have. The skateboarder mentality is being willing to fall while trying to land a harder trick. I like to keep this in mind when I feel I am not succeeding the way I would like to. This mentality keeps me going and helps me to finish projects. I fail to make success more obtainable.

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