Maker project – Emelyn Macias

Maker project Idea By; Emelyn Macias

For my maker project I wanted to do a dog house but I figured that if i would do that it would take me a lot of patience, which is something that i’m not really good at. So for our maker project we either start a project of your choice (if approved by Ms.Sauter) and after that you share your idea and get a group to help you out and they usually join because they’re interested in that project, but the thing was that I only had one girl that wanted to join the project, which was a problem because we wanted a group that would help us out.

After I thought about it I figured that it would be better if I just join a group, so I started going around and ask what their project was and I saw a group with 3 girl and the project was to sow bunnies and the idea of this project was that we would put the bunnies all around the school and they would keep the bunnies and they would be happy because they have a stuffed handmade bunny, but the problem was that I don’t have experience with needles and i didn’t know how to sow. I tried sowing in the eyes, and it was a total mess because I didn’t know how to deal with all of that so i tried again, and again, and again. I gave up, and decided I needed another job which was to start stuffing the bunnies, so I stuffed the bunnies while the other girls finished sowing the bunnies.
Maker project has really teach me new ways not only on what i’m good or bad at but how to work with other people that i’m not used to talking to. Pltw is a class that helps me discover new things about myself that can help me later in the future and in my other classes

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