Sewing Situations and Maker Project Approved

By: Celeste G.

I am so happy to say that my group’s maker project was approved! We are going to design and construct a dress, but it won’t be no ordinary dress but a dress that lights up! We will use arduino Lily pads in the dress and incorporate it as the main feature of the dress.

Now, let me tell you I love fashion and all (and my dream would be to be a fashion designer) but, I don’t know how to sew. With my group’s maker project you  could see how that would be a problem, and to make it worse nobody in my group knew how to sew. So you could see how we kinda were in a pickle.

Since we didn’t know how to sew  we had to look for help, you know, someone who could teach us how to sew. Here at our school we have a Magical Ninja Librarian. Ms. Mauser and she is way more than a librarian, she is also the

technician of our school and she is like a master at sewing. We remembered that Ms. Mauser had once sent us an email with sewing resources a couple months back and she is always making many things, so we thought she was perfect, we just had to ask her if she was willing to teach us. So, we email her and we say if she could teach us how to sew, and she accepted! We were so happy to know that we were going to learn with the guidance of an expert.

In the past weeks Ms. Mauser has taught us so much, I mean we have learned how to thread the sewing machine and how to start sewing. I’m not going to lie, for me it hasn’t been too easy, I am constantly asking for help whether it be Ms.

(These are potato chip bags.)

Mauser or my friends but I am getting the hang of it and I am really learning a lot. Currently we are making (potato chip) bags to get us experimenting with the sewing machine.

Since starting our maker project I have learned so much and it’ s stuff I’ve wanted to learn so that is amazing.

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