Dress for Fair?

Sophia N.

8th Period

Last post I’ve made was about our maker project. As you may conclude, my group and I have been wanting to make a dress for this project. We wanted to make this special, but it ended up being the worst fear we’ve experienced so far. I’ve never experienced this desire of making something impossible but ended up being too much for us to accomplish, especially since we’re just beginners on making something with sewing. My first day I’ve actually touched braids of cloth was in 5th grade. There, I only learned to hand sew (not anything helpful with this project).

All we knew at this time of sorrow, was that we definitely needed to make progress. Everytime we came to this class, is gonna start of by doing something that would make progress in making the dress. But most of the teammates couldn’t keep concentration, though they knew (and me) that the dress was gonna be impossible to be done before the due date. We were gonna need more time to achieve this goal or at least professional help. Finally, it came the day when we were gonna get help, we were gonna do more progress than that horrible time, though we figured it out too late. Not late but not imagebly possible to have at least a big product be done by then. So we went to the only place that we can get help from. The librarian.

The librarian at our school is very active, funny and talented. She can help students to good with belongings; with our books, and helps students out with anything else.

For this case, we went to ask our librarian, Ms. Mauser, if she can help us sewing.

At early days I already knew she knew how to sew because she announced it a long time ago. She said, after school sewing lessons are available. I never really saw myself as that talent but now is for a big purpose.

Anyways, going back to what I was saying. Ms. Mauser helps us to get started at sewing. My group and I had to watch some videos before starting the real lessons. We took notes during the videos so we can have little flashbacks to what we’re supposed to do with the sewing machines. All of us understood the videos and started trying out the first steps to start off a sewing machine. You thread the machine as the first step and then you put your fabric. You stomp the fabric with the foot (the sewing machine foot). Later you just press the paddle that’s on our right  foot and slowly let the thread go through and out the fabric. Slowly moving through edges and doing some curves here and there. I would imagine myself doing that with the dress, but unfortunately…I don’t think we’re gonna have time to finish the dress if we’re barely beginning this practice and one of our teammates wasn’t there to get the needed practice to get use to sewing. Our amazing librarian suggested us to start off slow, to maybe do something less big, maybe a “potato” bag could make a good fit for the time given. We all agreed, we’ll start off by making something small and then making the actual thing. For beginners, I would know that “potato” bags would be perfect for this beginning project. Walking with a soft and fashionable structure beside you, ain’t that bad. We’re only using this starter pack as our first result but I’m hoping we would do the actual mesmerizing, fashionable artifact that we’ve been planning on doing. Keeping our hopes, finger crossed.

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