Compromise is Comprowise

Our school promotes team building and problem solving in groups. A big part of getting along with your team is to be able to compromise your ideas. Obviously not everyone will have the same idea as you because not everyone is going to agree on everything. And personally, if everyone agreed on every topic it would be sort of weird. There would be no need to debate on why you think a certain way because no one would be there to challenge you. You would never be questioned and therefore your idea wouldn’t be as unique and it wouldn’t really matter what you thought if it was the same as everyone else anyways.

To work well with your group members you need to be okay with compromise. Compromise is when you take your idea along with someone else and mix them together. Even though you may not be thrilled to have to compromise it’s a way that everyone can get a part of what they want. When everyone has different ideas, it’s best to listen to them and see their view and if you agree and like their idea then there is no reason to be stubborn about yours. Make sure you limit the ideas to the top few that most people like and work from there to mix them together.

I think that compromising and being okay with not using your idea for everything is a really good skill .All throughout your life you are going to have to work with people who aren’t going to agree with you. Once you are comfortable with using others ideas and things that you didn’t want to do you will probably notice how much easier it is to work with other people.

In my maker project, my group is making bird clothes and for big decisions we learn to comprise on what the majority likes. Like the color of the closet we built or on the colors on the clothes. In the picture below, it shows our closet with paper clips as hangers with tutu’s hanging.

Displaying IMG_5897.JPG

-Nicole R

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