My Maker Project

By: Lucero Martinez

After working on those modules now its time to make our maker project that we will be presenting at the Maker Fair. But it’s not that easy coming up with an idea to build something new that hasn’t been already built. But after brainstorming with my group we came up with an idea of making a double sided chair with lots of storage. But this chair won’t just be a typical wooden chair this chair would be a 3D printed chair. It will be built of different pieces coming together to build this amazing chair that will be offered at the Maker Fair.

 Sounds awesome right but it isn’t that easy first of all we had to design it and then when we’re done designing it on notebook paper we will be designing it on the computer. We will be designing our chair on a computer software called Tinkercard. After finishing designing our chair on the computer software we will be printing it out piece by piece then when we have printed all the pieces we will be putting them together to create this amazing chair.

Finally I really hope that it comes out great and even if it doesn’t I’ll be glad that I had this experience of building something of my own. (:

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