Girl Power!!- My First Time Using Power Tools

For my maker-project my group is constructing a doll house, it’s a standard model, made of wood. The process would be no problem for my teammates, they all did the engineering modules, so they knew what they were doing, but I didn’t. Of course there were other things that I could do, making the dolls or wait for them to finish so I could decorate, but still there would be a short amount of time that I wouldn’t be doing anything, and I didn’t want to be dead-weight. So the next time we were in the maker-space I asked one of my team member what needed to be done, she said the frames still needed to be nailed together, so I asked her how to use the drill. After she went through the basics on how to use a drill she made me practice on a wooden block to make sure I got it down. Admittedly I was a little scared at first, but after I got that first nail in I knew I would be fine. So then, after properly learning how to drill, we got to work, by the end of the day we had finished three frames. I think learning how to use power tools is very useful, not just for pltw but for life, a lot of men think that they’re superior because they know how to use a saw or drill, but now a lot of girls my age are learning, which I think is really great. girl power!!


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