Nepris: Professionals in Your Classroom

In a STEM Perceptions study (conducted by Microsoft), 57% of boys and 68% of girls who chose a high tech career say they were inspired by one person, one event, or one class during their middle or high school years. You’d think that with this astounding statistic, our education system would allow the opportunity for students to connect with tech workers in the real world to better ensure their futures. But as our career paths are morphing into todays oddities, most schools are not adapting with it. Only 20% of American students participate in STEM based classrooms, therefore a vast majority of our middle and high school kids do not have an opportunity to be inspired through a wide variety of role models. But one company has broken all the class rules, giving students the ability to communicate with professionals in today’s relevant work fields.

Nepris’s team of experienced engineers are dedicated to developing new technology solutions in schools all over the world. They have spent hundreds of hours teaming up with companies, universities, non-profits, chambers of commerce, technology council and the likes to close the gap between industry and education. In truth, there is only so much a teacher can do to enrich their students learning, whether that be with field trips, special guests, or project mentors. Schools in rural areas lack the opportunity to connect with diverse industries, and most companies find it hard to accommodate with curriculum for younger audiences. When boundaries like these pop up, who says there isn’t an easier, faster way to teach students through alternative routes, like the internet?

I had the opportunity to skype a professional through Nepris, mentoring my group and I through our questions and wonderings about a topic revolved around our maker faire project. Not only were we paired up with the perfect mentor, we received informational emails, guiding us through the steps and ensuring we were happy with our partner. The application was so easy, and we were able to be inspired with new ideas in little to no time.

~McClain D.

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