Tree Chimers – Olga Hernandez


Being an engineer is not easy. Some people think that its really simple to create and build something. That was me, but now that my team and I have decided to create something I have noticed that its not as easy as it looks. Here is my journey so far.

As the Maker Fair gets closer our project is progressing. In the beginning, my team had a completely different idea of what our project was going to be. At the WIN_20150321_193752beginning we thought we could create this amazing tree chime that would make all this amazing things, but as many of us know not all ideas come true.

Our journey has been a progress in making. At the begging we did not what we wanted the tree chime to look and how it would work. As engineers do, we spend three days drafting our own ideas and including measurements and everything else needed. Once we were done with drafting, we noticed that some of the object from the original idea won’t work WIN_20150321_193736and would take more time then we had to construct them. From there we went to drafting again. Luckily it only took half a class period, because we’ve discussed what was going to be in the tree chime and what wouldn’t.

Luckily during that class we created the top of our tree, and we made it look like an original acacia tree. We compared styles because we didn’t want it to be an “original” tree and not everybody knows about the acacia tree. Once we had dWIN_20150321_194721one that we moved to the tree truck. My team and I, decided to make the tree two different trunks and then combine them.

All of that was made out of cardboard, in case we made mistakes we knew what to fix. Once we were sure that everything was correct we  looked up what were the best material to use. Luckily we had scheduled a nepris video chat with a person that built things with reusable things and concentrated on building to make sound.

Luckily he was helpful and he had given us a lot of subjection on how to make better sound. Once we were done chatting with him we were really proud of what we had , and decided to go forward with actually constructing the actual tree chime.

It has been a week since we where at school, and once we were back we noticed that a lot of material were not the right size so we had to go back. We still haven’t finished out tree chime, but patience is the key to ending with a good result.

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