Mechanical Systems

On our last module, we had to work on the mechanical systems. We first saw a video and took notes on many different mechanisms that we saw. There was a Chain Drive, Rack and Pinion, Belt Drive, and a lot of other more. We had to decide on a mechanism and build it. I chose to build a Chain Drive.

Building the Chain Drive was difficult and easy at the same time, but I finally got the hang of it and finished it. The picture below is my finished Chain Drive.

After finishing the Chain Drive me and my partner had to build our own mechanism using the other mechanisms that we took notes on. We mechanism had  to be able to beat an egg. So using what we learned in class, we started building. We worked together and used a chain drive and added two gears so it could beat two eggs at the same time.

Building our own mechanism took some time. But we finished it. It had it’s hard times because after we placed some parts together we noticed that we had it all wrong so we had to start over again.

I really enjoyed working on this module because I learned a lot from it. Some parts were a little difficult but some were easy. 🙂

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