Computer Science

Computer Science

Hello my name is Leslie and today I am going to talk about the last module I did. The last module I did was computer science which is in the engineering pathway.

For the first challenge my partner(Sara) and I had to define computer science in our own words. Another thing we had to do for this challenge is answering some questions like, what are some complex examples of computers? The picture on the right is a list of what we thought of computer science.attachment_53612585

Before starting the second challenge we had to watch two videos. The first video was about computer science and the second video was about little bits. After I had finished watching those two videos we started with our second challenge. For the second challenge we started playing with the LittleBits kits to get to know the kit. After playing with the kit we had to design a computer that is a work of art. We designed a buzzer that is placed on the arm and whenever you shake someone’s hand the buzzer would go on.

By: Leslie Morales

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